2018 Leigh Fishing Competition Results

A big thank you to all those who came out to support the Westpac Rescue helicopter by taking
part in the 2018 Leigh Fishing Competition. We had a great turn out on the day
and it was a tremendous success

Open Category


Heaviest                            10.65 kg           Shane Reynolds
2nd Heaviest                    8.19 kg              Wade Styler
Average weight                1.35 kg            Anthony Lima


Heaviest                             11.5 kg           Duane Paul
Average weight                 7.90 kg           Michael Nisbet


Heaviest                             2.81 kg           Herb Harrison
Average weight                 1.83 kg           Stanzo Bird


Heaviest                             2.40 kg           Clayton Elsmore
Average weight                 1.24 kg             Paul Gifford

John Dory

Heaviest                             2.10 kg             Darrell Goosen


Bonito                                 3.00 kg             Brent Riggs


Female Angler

(Kingfish)                            9.25 kg          Joy Munrow

Junior Category


Heaviest                           2.85 kg             Jackson Stuart
Average weight               1.05 kg              Harry Nairn


Heaviest                           2.15 kg                Haruki Kurimasa
Average weight               1.78 kg                Harlem Rawhiti


Heaviest                            1.49 kg               Sophie Joblin
Average weight                1.10 kg                Georgia Barnes
               Faith Lima


Heaviest                            0.15 kg              Oliver Hogg

Most Unusual     

Squid                                 0.03 kg            Leeroy Harvey

Lucky Ticket Draw

A huge congratulations to Chynal Prior who drove away with the amazing
Surtees 495 Workmate and Honda Outboard prize package.