2018 will see a major change in the way you could possibly win the amazing 4.95 Surtees Workmate, powered by that 60 HP Honda.

Unlike previous years, where it has related to average weight snapper, in 2018 every adult ticket holder, providing  that ticket holder is present at prize giving, will be in to win this wonderful prize.

The way it works is that at approximately 6.30pm on 17th March 2018 five tickets will be drawn out
of the paid up adult entries (you will have had to present your physical or e-ticket to one of the
booths at the venue where you will be allocated another number prior to prize giving)

The five people who hold those tickets (you can only have one entry person) will be called up
on to the stage.

These five people will be asked to draw another number ranging from 1 through 5.

The person who has drawn number 1 will be asked to draw another number from the ‘hat’.
The numbers in the ‘hat’ will correspond to the original numbers drawn.

If you draw out your own number you have effectively knocked yourself out of the competition.
If you draw out a number other than your own you have knocked the person holding that number
out of the competition.

The last man or woman standing wins the boat/outboard package.

Good luck!

Thanks to Surtees, Honda, Okuma and Raymarine we have some of the best prizes for any fishing competition in New Zealand.

Westpac Rescue

Auckland's Westpac Rescue Helicopter services the largest catchment area in New Zealand that includes the Rodney district and Leigh community.

Without this valuable service many community members would not have access to the care that they need in a medical emergency.

This rescue helicopter service is not centrally funded and relies on the generosity of the community to keep flying. Through direct donations to the trust as well as community events such as this the service can continue to maintain sustainable funding for its rescue operation.

Fun For The Whole Family


This year we have increased the number of kid's tickets to keep that family atmosphere. Not only do we have some fantastic kid's prizes across the board, we will also have a great variety of family and kid's entertainment at the event afterwards. 

All children anglers will receive a welcome pack full of local goodies to help with their day fishing, and of course they're all trying to win big prizes just like Mum & Dad. 

There is a huge variety of food and drink available for purchase on the day. Come and relax with us under the big marquee and enjoy live music, fish auction and prize giving.